Who we are

We are a medium-sized company with a long-standing tradition of high quality requirements. Within the markets we serve, we act as flexibly as successfully. At the same time, we…

  • have about 150 employees, working in multiple shifts;
  • offer many apprenticeships (more than eight percent of the overall number of employees);
  • encourage all employees to self-initiative, overwhelming commitment and team spirit;
  • care about ethical trading standards;
  • put effort into maintaining a friendly working atmosphere;
  • spend a lot of money for an environmentally-friendly production; are committed to environmental protection and thepreservation of resources
  • are certified according to the International Food Standard;
  • donate all profits to charitable causes through our sole owner (Friedrich Bluhme und Else Jebsen Foundation)

What we produce

  • Marzipan, persipan and nut masses;
  • Nut nougat  and almond nougat mixtures ;
  • Couvertures made from dark, milk and white chocolate;
  • hazelnut and almond preparations;
  • a broad range of products from every category, also available in organic quality and Fair Trade products.

What we stand for


Dr. Axel Hahner  

Dr. Axel Hahner


With our products, we stand for indulgence through quality because quality is our culture.

Andreas Bäder  

Andreas Bäder

Managing Director Sales and Marketing

We stand for direct sales and comprehensive customer service.

Raimund Freund  

Raimund Freund

Head of Production

We stand for delivery on short notice and for the impossible made possible.

Andreas Horn  

Andreas Horn

Head of Quality Management

We stand for high product quality and safety.

Erich Dietrich  

Erich Dietrich

Head of Product Development

We stand for professional customer advice as we are specialists for marzipan, nougat and chocolate couvertures.

 What we think


Ralf Gredler

Technical Department

We work 24 hours a day to keep production running. Here the work, not the employer, determines the pace.


Leif Beth


There is a super work atmosphere here- we're fully behind the company and we're passionate about making marzipan



Karoline Gutjahr

Quality Assurance

We work hand in hand with Production and the company's management to implement, check and further improve quality standards.


Stefan Stropek


To me Lubeca means good working conditions and quality in all areas. 



Lubeca offers us varied training, which is a optimal preparation for our future careers.