Lübecker Marzipan

Strict  rules for the highest quality

Lübecker MarzipanFor the composition and manufacture of marzipan in Germany, the regulations for oilseed apply. According to these regulations, the marzipan raw paste M0 must comprise of sweet, peeled almonds with a moisture content of no more than 17 %. No more than 35 % of sugar may be added, and no less than 28 % of the mass should be almond oil. In the marzipan raw mass MI, up to 12 % of bitter almonds may be added.


Marzipan is a mixture of raw marzipan mass and, according to the German guidelines for oilseed, at most the same weight in sugar. The sugar can be replaced by up to 3.5% glucose syrup and/or 5 % sorbitol in relation to the total weight of the marzipan. Fine marzipan consists of at least 70 parts raw marzipan mass and at most 30 parts added sugar.


Lübeck Marzipan is a protected geographical indication (PGI) according to EU law. The quality requirements of Lübeck Marzipan are set higher than those of conventional marzipan and are regulated by the RAL German Institute for Quality Assurance and Classification. The following maximum sugar additions are permitted:


  • Lübeck Marzipan: 70 parts raw mass, 30 parts sugar
  • Lübeck Fine Marzipan: 90 parts raw mass, 10 parts sugar.


If normal, conventional marzipan is called Edelmarzipan, or fine marzipan, it must have the precise composition of Lübeck Marzipan.


Our traditional methods of production and our high demands on quality guarantee a highly respected degree of quality, recognised particularly by marzipan experts as much now as in the past. As well as the roasting process in copper roasting boilers, the secret is also the previously mentioned high demand on the raw materials. For example, we prefer to use almonds from plantations in the Mediterranean region for our top products, which have an excellent almond aroma due to the provenance and the climate.